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August Offers

If you come to my in-person classes I am running two offers this month for you.


If you come to a regular weekly class you can come to second class in the same week during August for only £5. Just text or email me to book your place. Details of my weekly classes are here. You don't need to commit to an extra class every week, you can just come along as and when you fancy it.


If you'd like to try a private yoga class just for you, or maybe for you and a friend then during August you can book two 60 minute classes for only £60*. We can arrange a time and place to suit; whether that's at your home or mine, or perhaps outside if the weather permits. If you're interested, get in touch to find out more and talk about what you're after.

Private classes are great if there's something specific you'd like to focus on - maybe there's a pose or two you'd like to spend more time on - or maybe you have an injury and you want to find some poses that help it and know how to adapt others so they don't aggravate it. Or maybe you just want me to yourself for an hour. All valid reasons. And if you have a friend who wants to try yoga but isn't quite ready to join a group class why not let them know about my offer. You never know, they might let you be their plus one.

*T&Cs apply.

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