A Vinyasa Flow teacher based in East Sussex



I’m not an ex-gymnast or dancer, I’m not naturally flexible and I can’t do the splits.....yet.

But what I am is passionate about movement and the benefits that exploring the relationship between breath, our bodies and our minds can bring to each of us.

Yoga became a daily part of my life relatively late; I have ‘done’ yoga on and off for more than 20 years but didn’t really get it until about 6 years ago and it was a short hop to deciding to train as a teacher.

I have always moved and been active, enjoying seeing what the body can do and naturally gravitate to high energy activities. Now I can’t imagine yoga not being part of my daily life. From the physical practice which builds strength, flexibility and mobility to the philosophical teachings which help me to navigate my way through life and understand more about who I am, my place in the world and what’s important to me.


In my classes I strive to create an environment which is challenging yet caring, fun yet meditative, lighthearted yet focused. I encourage my students to explore what their bodies can do whilst balancing this against what they need on any given day; knowing when to push and when the body and mind needs softness.

My personal practice is always evolving as I explore different elements and this inevitability influences my teaching.

I studied with YogaLondon and I am a 250 hour Yoga Alliance qualified yoga teacher.


Sarah is a fantastic teacher, I love her class, she explains everything and gives a range of options so it is suitable for beginners (like me!) to advanced.


“Thank you so much for today's class. It was one of the best yoga classes I've done. Having the time to step through, plus your helpful explanations really made a difference to my focus and the overall experience. Hugely grateful.


Sarah's classes are a great workout. Her instructions are clear and she includes
simple as well as challenging postures with a fun and playful approach so you can
enjoy and benefit, however you feel on the day. She is knowledgeable, kind and
funny. Thanks Sarah!


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